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Guest Speaking

Looking to Build a Stronger Business?  Be a More Productive Business Professional?

Increase your Productivity, Increase your Profits

As a guest speaker, David motivates the audience and shares his knowledge and experiences with you, your team and/or peers on how to build a stronger business based on mindset, goal setting and sales.

Part of Christopher Kai's esteemed Gifted Professional Speaker program, David is a part of a speaker community that spans over 100 cities, 24 countries and 5 continents.  GPS also includes 10 Best Selling Authors, 12 TEDX Talkers and is featured in Forbes, Fox, Inc., ABC News and CNN!

Fitness and Nutrition

Let David teach the basic understanding of fitness and nutrition.  He has perfected his 22 year program to "Fitness 101".  A simple way to understanding fitness and nutrition for everyBody.

Developing Your Business

Here David speaks of one of his own business start ups.  With over 15 businesses under his belt, he brings the knowledge, mindset and motivation to start, build and maintain your business.

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